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Cardinals vs. Blue Jays Game 1 through the eyes of Cardinals Twitter

It was a long night at Busch Stadium, and unless you were Canadian, you ended up sad at the end. Or something like that. (Again, sorry that I only find time to compile these in games they end up losing. I don't know why that is.) Oh, and for those bunt

Cardinals vs. Yankees: Game 1 as seen by Cardinals Twitter

Cardinals Twitter was ready for the game in the Bronx as STL traveled to Yankee Stadium. Here's how everyone saw it: (Oh wait, wrong feed on that one. If you don't like hockey, disregard.) As the natives grow restless with Kolten Wong, CardsCards offers some wisdom: Blues beat writer checks in on the

Cardinals vs. Nationals: Game 1 in tweets

Did you miss Monday night's Cardinals game against the Nats? No problem; catch up on everything that happened, as seen through the eyes of Cardinals Twitter. Y'all are a pretty demented group:   -FIN-  

CardsCards unleashes his wrath

CardsCards, batting 8th

CardsMadness on Twitter was fun for some, less so for others. At the least, I found it a nice way to pass the time during the time of spring training where everyone–even the players–are ready for real baseball to be here, but I realize it's not everyone's favorite contest. That's