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Statcast introduces Outs Above Average; how do the Cardinals rank?

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs On Thursday, Statcast unveiled a new defensive metric: outs above average. Essentially, they use catch probability to determine the “expected” number of plays the average outfielder would have made given set of opportunities, and compare it to how many plays that given outfielder actually made. It’s really a

Evaluating the St. Louis Cardinals baserunning with Statcast

St. Louis Cardinals baserunning

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Yesterday, I examined the Cardinals baserunning talent using Statcast’s new sprint speed metric. We found that the Cardinals actually have six of ten qualified players with an above average sprint speed. However, we also found that every Cardinals player save Yadier Molina is slower this year than last.

CardsCards: Phaces of Phailure with Tommy Pham

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs I haven't exactly been excited a whole lot this 2017 season. I mean, sometimes I'm excited, like I'm excited when the Cardinals are getting blown out early, and I know that I can do something different with my night. I'm excited for off days, because I'm not subject to

Statcast sprint speed: how do the Cardinals stack up?

St. Louis Cardinals sprint speed

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs This morning, Statcast released a new metric which tracks baserunner sprint speed. You can read more about the metric here, courtesy of Mike Petriello. To measure sprint speed, the Statcast team measures the fastest one second window during a player’s “competitive” run and reports that speed in feet per

Tommy Pham has been the Cardinals best hitter

Tommy Pham St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Through 71 games, Tommy Pham has been the St. Louis Cardinals best hitter. To gauge players offensively, I prefer to use wRC+ (weighted runs created plus). Pham’s 132 wRC+ is 32% better than league average (100) and 8% better than Matt Carpenter. His .375 wOBA (weighted on-base average) is

The Cardinals StatCap #3

Cardinals StatCap

photo by @cardinalsgifs Last week, I thought the Cardinals were going to get back on track. Instead, they played four games against the Reds and lost them all, but then three against the Phillies and won them all. I’m still not sure what to make of this team, but the most

The Cardinals StatCap #2

St. Louis Cardinals StatCap

photo by @cardinalsgifs The Cardinals played some really bad baseball this week, going 2-5 since Memorial Day. Bad news: they dropped two games below .500 and are now third in the division. Good news: their next 11 games are against the Reds (4), Phillies (3), and Brewers (4). Now’s the time