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Luke Weaver commands spot in Cardinals rotation

With Mike Leake no longer a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, a permanent rotation spot has seemingly opened up for the 24-year-old Luke Weaver. I use the qualifier "seemingly" because other options exist should Weaver falter. Fortunately, this has not been an issue for Weaver just yet (small sample

Yadier Molina and the art of pitch framing

St. Louis Cardinals Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina has made plenty of headlines lately. First, after manager Mike Matheny implied Molina looked tired, we got this Instagram post. A few days later, Yadi took to Instagram again to throw shade Matheny’s way. Then, CardsCards gave us a look at Yadi’s future Instagram posts. It’s fair to question

Mike Leake lives on the edge

On the Black St. Louis Cardinals

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs We are a week away from the All-Star game, and Mike Leake leads the St. Louis Cardinals rotation in ERA. He’s averaging about 6.2 innings per start, which leads the team. His 3.63 FIP and 3.77 xFIP are second on the team, barely trailing Carlos Martinez. Mike Leake

The Cardinals StatCap #1

St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Welcome to the season premiere of The StatCap, where I’ll review the past week in St. Louis Cardinals baseball with quick hit analysis and notes through a Statcast and Pitchf/x lens. The StatCap will be run weekly, sometimes more if the St. Louis Cardinals play enough good baseball.

Pitch tunneling and the early success of Mike Leake

Mike Leake St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs We are officially three weeks into the 2017 season, and Mike Leake has been the St. Louis Cardinals best pitcher. As of April 22nd, he leads all qualified National League starting pitchers with a 0.84 ERA. His FIP, which estimates a pitcher's ERA independent of his team defense,