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Trade Poll Valuation: Matt Carpenter to Boston

St. Louis Cardinals trade poll

Judging by the number of voters, Brenden’s trade polls are a fan favorite. Here at The Intrepid STL, we’re working to make them even better. Starting now, each trade poll (or most) will be accompanied with a short post explaining the valuations of the deal for each side. Trade valuations are

The Cardinals three-hitter struggles and Dexter Fowler

St. Louis Cardinals three-hitter

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs If you’re looking for reasons why the Cardinals offense has struggled, you could point in almost any direction and be right. Today, I’m pointing at the three-hole in the lineup. Then, since Dexter Fowler has taken 21 of his 22 plate appearances in the three-hole since returning from

CardsCards: The classic Matheny double switch

Matheny, Cardinals, double switch

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Let me take the time here to offer my hearty congratulations to Mike Matheny for being manager of a team that has won a game for the 500th time in his career. Did I dance around that well enough? Did the verbal gymnastics get their point across? Because it’s awfully

Statcast sprint speed: how do the Cardinals stack up?

St. Louis Cardinals sprint speed

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs This morning, Statcast released a new metric which tracks baserunner sprint speed. You can read more about the metric here, courtesy of Mike Petriello. To measure sprint speed, the Statcast team measures the fastest one second window during a player’s “competitive” run and reports that speed in feet per

What can Cardinals fans expect from Luke Voit?

Cardinals, Luke Voit

On Sunday, the St. Louis Cardinals promoted 26-year old Luke Voit for his first major league call up. The St. Louis native has earned his call up with an impressive—yet under the radar—minor league career. Many Cards fans know his background—Lafayette High School and Missouri State University—but don't know

What’s wrong with the Cardinals offense?

St. Louis Cardinals offense

photo by @cardinalsgifs Two months into the 2017 season, and the St. Louis Cardinals offense has failed to live up to expectations. Dan Buffa of KSDK eloquently hit on the offensive struggles a few days ago, and my Intrepid STL colleague Brenden Schaeffer discussed how the offensive blueprint hasn’t materialized. The