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Statcast introduces Outs Above Average; how do the Cardinals rank?

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs On Thursday, Statcast unveiled a new defensive metric: outs above average. Essentially, they use catch probability to determine the “expected” number of plays the average outfielder would have made given set of opportunities, and compare it to how many plays that given outfielder actually made. It’s really a

Jose Martinez is getting picky

Jose Martinez

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Last September, Jose Martinez's call-up to St. Louis didn’t feel like much more than a good story. After a decade long minor league career, he was considered a non-prospect. After being acquired from the Royals for cash, he played uninspiring baseball. His .269/.326/.415 line in Memphis over 329

CardsCards: The classic Matheny double switch

Matheny, Cardinals, double switch

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Let me take the time here to offer my hearty congratulations to Mike Matheny for being manager of a team that has won a game for the 500th time in his career. Did I dance around that well enough? Did the verbal gymnastics get their point across? Because it’s awfully

The Cardinals StatCap #1

St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Welcome to the season premiere of The StatCap, where I’ll review the past week in St. Louis Cardinals baseball with quick hit analysis and notes through a Statcast and Pitchf/x lens. The StatCap will be run weekly, sometimes more if the St. Louis Cardinals play enough good baseball.