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How bad is the Cardinals bullpen?

St. Louis Cardinals bullpen

Entering the season, the Cardinals bullpen projected to be a strength. Instead, it’s been the team’s biggest hindrance. The Cardinals bullpen has 20 losses and only 9 wins. Their .310 winning percentage is the worst among all MLB bullpen units. Yet, despite that glaring problem, some suggest the bullpen is fine.

Say hello to Joe

Cardinals, stlcupofjoe

When Brenden first approached me about writing for The Intrepid STL, my one request was if I were to come on board, I didn’t want any writers worse than me. That was the appeal of my old home, Redbird Daily, along with getting the chance to write with the estimable John

CardsCards: The classic Matheny double switch

Matheny, Cardinals, double switch

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Let me take the time here to offer my hearty congratulations to Mike Matheny for being manager of a team that has won a game for the 500th time in his career. Did I dance around that well enough? Did the verbal gymnastics get their point across? Because it’s awfully

What should the Cardinals do with Randal Grichuk?

Cardinals, Grichuk

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Randal Grichuk is making his way back to St. Louis Sunday, according to a report by Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. After spending close to a month refining his game in the minors, Grichuk boasts a batting line flush with evidence of his power potential–.273/.324/.621. Grichuk has

The Delivery (Vol. 2)

Lou Brock Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Round two of The Delivery will include the two hottest topics of discussion for Cardinals fans: The Peralta for Sierra move, and the Luis Robert sweepstakes. Let's dive right in! What do you think happens to Johnny Peralta once he is ready to come off the DL? -Andy One of