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How bad is the Cardinals bullpen?

St. Louis Cardinals bullpen

Entering the season, the Cardinals bullpen projected to be a strength. Instead, it’s been the team’s biggest hindrance. The Cardinals bullpen has 20 losses and only 9 wins. Their .310 winning percentage is the worst among all MLB bullpen units. Yet, despite that glaring problem, some suggest the bullpen is fine.

Brett Cecil is not getting extended

Brett Cecil St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs This past weekend, I had the chance to attend the St. Louis Cardinals Blogger game, which featured a Q&A session with General Manager John Mozeliak. The Brett Cecil topic came up, and John Mozeliak expressed concern about his performance and his velocity, which is still down about one

What is ailing Brett Cecil?

Brett Cecil St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Brett Cecil came over with a reputation as a shutdown reliever, even if he’s a traditionally slow starter. The last time I checked, it looked like Cecil’s velocity was coming back and he was settling in. Since then, though, he’s posted a 4.32 ERA on an even worse

Checking back on Brett Cecil’s velocity

Brett Cecil St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Much has, rightfully, been made about the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen. Key high leverage guys Kevin Siegrist, Seung-hwan Oh, and Brett Cecil have all seen velocity drops of varying degrees. Velocity is obviously a key aspect of pitcher performance, so the early season drops are worrisome. The velocity drop