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What can Cardinals fans expect from Alex Mejia?

This last week the St. Louis Cardinals promoted a not-very-well-known infielder to the major league roster, Alex Mejia. The move was made when the club decided to send shortstop Aledmys Diaz to Memphis for a reset similar to that of Randal Grichuk or Kolten Wong last year. As I did with

Cardinals top prospect Delvin Perez shows growing pains

(photo courtesy of @cardinalsgifs) Delvin Perez is 18-years old. Delvin Perez was drafted in the 1st round of the 2016 MLB Draft. Delvin Perez has been compared to the likes of Francisco Lindor or Carlos Correa. Excuse him if he has a rough patch here or there. The question is, will he learn from

What’s wrong with the Cardinals offense?

St. Louis Cardinals offense

photo by @cardinalsgifs Two months into the 2017 season, and the St. Louis Cardinals offense has failed to live up to expectations. Dan Buffa of KSDK eloquently hit on the offensive struggles a few days ago, and my Intrepid STL colleague Brenden Schaeffer discussed how the offensive blueprint hasn’t materialized. The

The Cardinals StatCap #1

St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Welcome to the season premiere of The StatCap, where I’ll review the past week in St. Louis Cardinals baseball with quick hit analysis and notes through a Statcast and Pitchf/x lens. The StatCap will be run weekly, sometimes more if the St. Louis Cardinals play enough good baseball.

Aledmys Diaz struggles go beyond poor plate discipline

Aledmys Diaz St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs Aledmys Diaz is under heavy scrutiny for his performance at the plate in 2017. After compiling a 132 wRC+ in an impressive and unexpected rookie campaign, his performance has tanked to an 81 wRC+ through nearly two months this year. That drop has mostly been attributed to an

What’s behind Dexter Fowler’s early season slump?

Dexter Fowler St. Louis Cardinals

photo by @cardinalsgifs It’s no secret: Dexter Fowler is off to a terrible start to 2017. Even after going 1 for 3 with a triple and a walk, his wRC+ for the season stands at 21. That’s not what the St. Louis Cardinals paid $82.5M for this offseason, and it shouldn’t

Aledmys Diaz is being overly aggressive at the plate

St. Louis Cardinals Aledmys Diaz

photo by @cardinalsgifs Last season, Aledmys Diaz was the St. Louis Cardinals second-best hitter by wRC+. He displayed an incredible ability to adjust to how pitchers attacked him. He showed decent patience at the plate and great discipline. The result: an above average walk rate of 8.9%, good for fifth-best on