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Welcome to our first episode of “On the Black” with Joe Schwarz (@stlcupofjoe) and Zach Gifford (@zjgifford). OTB will be a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher-focused podcast. The audio for our pilot episode is available at the end of this article. We’ll always keep these around a half hour to make the podcast fit into your spare time, whether it’s during your commute, lunch, studying, or otherwise.

OTB will be a regular feature on The IntrepidSTL, where it will serve as your one-stop shop for St. Louis Cardinals pitching analysis, questions, and curiosities. Sometimes we’ll take deep dives into Statcast and Pitchf/x data, and other times we’ll stick with high level performance evaluation and commentary. In the future, we’ll always take questions via Twitter and fit them into the following episode.

We welcome your feedback in the comments below, and we’ll work to cater as best we can to our listeners.

Here’s what to expect in this episode:

  • Brief introductions.
  • Level of concern with the starting rotation.
  • State of the bullpen.
  • Fitting the prospects in the big picture.

Thanks for listening! Again, let us know how we did in the comments section of this article. Tell us what you want to hear more about. If there’s anything off with the audio, let me know that too! This was my first time recording a podcast via Skype, and it went about as smoothly as you might expect.