St. Louis CardinalsBrenden Schaeffer | THE INTREPID STL

It’s time for round two breaking down the greatest moments in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals: David Freese vs. Willie McGee.

#1 David Freese’s game-tying tripleĀ in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series knocked off Mark McGwire’s 500th career home run in the opening round with a convincing percentage of the vote. That magical moment matches up this week with #8 Willie McGee’s two World Series home runsĀ in the same game.

Check out this post to see a breakdown of the Freese triple.

And to learn more about Willie McGee’s amazing game in the 1982 World Series, click here.

So which moment earns your vote?

Vote on the first match up of the Round of 32 below, and be sure to check back Tuesday for the vote between #4 Molina’s 2006 NLCS Game 7 home run vs. #5 Bottomley’s 12 RBIs in one game.