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The next matchup at The Intrepid STL in the Cardinals Greatest Moment bracket features a magical postseason moment as an underdog 11-seed against a 6-seed representing a quirky baseball record that will probably never be broken. Let’s take a look at the two moments:

#6 Tatis goes grand twice in the same inning

It was only a regular season game, and but was something that had never happened before or since. Two grand slams–not just in the same game–but in the same inning, hit by the same player, off the same pitcher. There have been several dozen instances of a player homering twice in the same inning, but what Fernando Tatis did April 23rd, 1999 truly boggles the mind.

Batting cleanup for the Cardinals at Dodger Stadium against Chan Ho Park, Tatis made remarkable history. It was just an April game during a season that didn’t amount to much for the Cardinals, but still–this will NEVER happen again. That’s gotta count for something, right?

#11 Wong gets on base–and then some

Anyone who knows me can probably guess my bias, here, and I will try to keep this analysis down the middle… But this was the coolest moment in Kolten Wong’s career.

The Cardinals ultimately didn’t prevail in this series, but Wong’s walk off home run in Game 2 of the 2014 NLCS against the Giants (which also featured a postseason homer by Oscar Taveras) was a moment to remember for the Cardinals second baseman.

Check out the video below, which includes the epic blast, an even more incredible helmet flip, and AJ Pierzynski cursing live on national TV (Viewer discretion is advised).

Which moment gets your vote? The amazing feat by Tatis or the emotional October magic by Wong? As with each moment battle in the Greatest Cardinals Moment tournament: You decide!