St. Louis Cardinals, Giancarlo StantonBrenden Schaeffer | THE INTREPID STL

A hypothetical trade for Giancarlo Stanton has been one of the favorite topics of discussion among Cardinals fans in recent weeks. Speculation that Jeffrey Loria’s sale of the Marlins would lead to a sale of the team’s assets–primarily its big contracts. The power-hitting Stanton tops the list, as he is owed nearly $300 million guaranteed for the next decade.

Because of the Cardinals’ desperate need for an impact bat, his fit in St. Louis would seem sensible. Add in the fact that the Cardinals have a billion dollar television contract kicking in with Fox Sports Midwest, and their ability to manage such an obscene contract might make it possible for them to swing such a deal, fans have speculated. After all, the Cardinals eventually have to take a risk on one of these young, talented, high-dollar players–could Stanton be the one?

According to SiriusXM radio host Craig Mish, it might not be as simple as the Cardinals desiring him, offering prospects for him, and acquiring him. And the reason why is rubbing some in Cardinal Nation the wrong way:

Included in Stanton’s mega-deal with Miami was a full no-trade clause. Considering the Cardinals have been one of the most successful sports franchises in the 21st century, no-trade clauses have not typically been much of a significant deterrent for the Cardinals in acquiring the players they want. With the Cardinals recent departure from good, clean, fundamental baseball, it seems that players may not be as keen on the organization as they may have been in years past (though we should mention the differences between living in Miami–a happening beach-town city in Florida–verses the midwestern town of St. Louis might have something to do with it, in this case).

After Mish’s tweet gained some steam amongst the St. Louis fanbase Monday morning, Mish emphasized an important distinction for fans to recognize:

There could be a variety of advantages for why the Marlins would leak their perception that Stanton would decline a trade to St. Louis–could it be a targeted ploy by Miami to extract more value out of the Cardinals in a trade offer for Stanton? Is it even how he actually feels?

It wouldn’t seem Giancarlo Stanton would have anything to gain by the Marlins receiving more value in a trade for him, but since we haven’t heard anything publicly from the player himself, it’s hard to decipher what his true intentions would be.

What we do know: this report expressing the views of the middle man–the Marlins–has Cardinals fans sincerely questioning whether St. Louis is any longer the desired baseball destination it once was.

  • billy2000

    Seriously? 1.5 lackluster seasons in a row and the Cardinals organization and city are suddenly judged as sub-par by serious players who have been here, who have watched ESPN, who talk among themselves? Please! Ok, so maybe a few players are dumb as a box of rocks. You know damned well their agents are not.

  • old409

    i’ve been a Cardinal Fan for over 60 yrs. and I could fully understand Staton or anybody else not wanting to play for this screwed up outfit. The Cardinals are screwed up from the front office on down. This season has been an absolute waste as Matheny has pizzed it away .so far, trying to find a place for Matt Carpenter to play at the expense of the rest of the team. Matt Adams is gone for that reason and when you add Matheny’s bullpen usage to that,,,, you have today’s Cardinals ,,,,, going nowhere fast. A ton of young talent being pizzed away by managemnt.