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Statcast introduces Outs Above Average; how do the Cardinals rank?

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs On Thursday, Statcast unveiled a new defensive metric: outs above average. Essentially, they use catch probability to determine the “expected” number of plays the average outfielder would have made given set of opportunities, and compare it to how many plays that given outfielder actually made. It’s really a

Power ranking the Cardinals 2018 rotation options

Cardinals baseball, Carlos Martinez

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Most Cardinals fans celebrated when the team dumped Mike Leake and $38 million of his remaining contract off on Seattle before the waiver trade deadline. Though Leake provided a reasonable value during his nearly two seasons in St. Louis, the prospect of him as a member of the

Greatest Cardinals Moment: #3 Boyer WS slam vs. #11 Wong NLCS walkoff

St. Louis Cardinals

The round of 32 in the Best Cardinals Moments tournament continues with Ken Boyer vs. Kolten Wong. The 3-seed, Boyer's World Series home grand slam, defeated Scott Spiezio's 2006 triple in the opening read. To read more about that match up, click the link below. Facing off against Boyer's big moment as

What should the Cardinals do with Lance Lynn?

St. Louis Cardinals Lance Lynn

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs This past week, Twitter user @KnuppelRodney relayed that St. Louis Cardinals GM Mike Girsch said the team would be losing Lance Lynn this offseason. Today*, Rick Hummel reported that Lance Lynn is not happy with the direction of the team, nor has not heard from the Cardinals front