CardsCards, batting 8thThe Intrepid STL

CardsMadness on Twitter was fun for some, less so for others. At the least, I found it a nice way to pass the time during the time of spring training where everyone–even the players–are ready for real baseball to be here, but I realize it’s not everyone’s favorite contest. That’s not the point of this post, though. This post is designed to highlight those who perhaps had too much fun with the concept.

I’m talking, of course, about @StlCardsCards.

In a match up between myself and CardsCards, he went after every facet of my being to try and tilt the vote. It was not by any means an unusual practice of his throughout the course of the contest, but he went particularly hardcore for this round of the proceedings.

He touched on hair styles, called me an apologist for the manager, and even blocked me at one point, for good measure.

He even resorted to outright fabricating a popular tweet to drive home his point.

Not to mention, the parody account he created in my image.

It wasn’t all bad, though. When it appeared his prospects of bringing home a victory were bleak, he really turned on the class and the charm.

See? A nice, complimentary tweet. It’s reassuring to see him follow up all his mudslinging and abuse with a tweet to restore my faith in his humani—

Just forget it.

Follow @StlCardsCards for—truthfully, I wouldn’t follow him if you haven’t already. For those of us who already have, it’s too late now. No going back, no way to unsee what we’ve seen.

Save yourself.