We all know of the Yadi Instagram controversy. Yes, apparently he became a little rankled by his manager’s crazy insistence that Yadier Molina may not have been running the bases in a way that would inspire confidence that he shouldn’t be in a wheelchair and on life support. Crazy, I know.

But what was crazier, was the reaction to a later post by Yadi. This one:

Now, a rational person knows that there is NO WAY Yadi was calling Mike out here. He just chose this time, randomly a few days after calling out Mike, to reminisce about a friend and mentor and rival for Mike’s job, and talk about how much he missed him. Nothing to see here. That “old school” quote was not a reference to the fact that Yadi trains to play every single day no matter what. It’s all a coincidence people.

You can find coincidences like this anywhere, which is why I painstakingly dug up these other totally true – yet somehow only seen by me – Yadi Instagram posts that only a lunatic could think was trying to take a shot at Mike Matheny.