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The Cardinals Greatest Moment bracket is in full swing, which means your Tuesday matchup is here at The Intrepid STL. We’ve got the 8 vs. 9 seed matchup this time, so, in theory, this should be a close one. Let’s dig in.

#8 McGee’s 2 homer game in 1982 World Series

With the series tied 1-1, the St. Louis Cardinals got a stellar performance from rookie Willie McGee on the games biggest stage. After hitting only five home runs all year (four in the regular season and one in the NLCS), Willie McGee blasted two home runs and collected four RBI and propelled the Cardinals to a 2-1 World Series lead.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any highlights of McGee’s two blasts. I did, however, find a highlight of him robbing Gorman Thomas of a home run in the same game. Quite a day for the rookie.

#9 Carpenter tosses a gem in Game 162 of 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals entered the *potentially* final game of the 2011 season in a deadlock with the Atlanta Braves for the NL wild card spot. With a win, the Cardinals were guaranteed to live another day: either in a tiebreaker game if the Braves won, or in the playoffs if the Braves lost.

Chris Carpenter, in his typical fashion, nearly single-handedly ensured the Cardinals would play at least a 163rd game. He tossed a complete game, two hit shutout against the Houston Astros. The Braves would go on to lose their final game against the Phillies in extra innings, cementing the St. Louis Cardinals spot in the playoffs. According to Wikipedia, the Cardinals comeback to clinch the Wild Card spot was the largest comeback in MLB history, overcoming a 10.5 game deficit in their final 32 games.

Looking back, that final night of the 2011 regular season was insane. Relive the night’s highlights below, in the order they occurred. St. Louis isn’t featured much; it turns out beating a 56-win team 8-0 isn’t very exciting without the context from the rest of the night.

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