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Constructing a high floor is detrimental to the St. Louis Cardinals success

St. Louis Cardinals

In recent years, the St. Louis Cardinals front office has seemingly focused on constructing a roster with a high floor. The free agent signings of Dexter Fowler, Mike Leake, and Brett Cecil support that notion. This philosophy keeps the team competitive, and it’s hard to argue against the front office’s

Cardinals Greatest Moment: #8 McGee’s big night vs. #9 Carpenter shutout

chris carpenter

The Cardinals Greatest Moment bracket is in full swing, which means your Tuesday matchup is here at The Intrepid STL. We've got the 8 vs. 9 seed matchup this time, so, in theory, this should be a close one. Let's dig in. #8 McGee's 2 homer game in 1982 World Series With