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Greatest Cardinals Moment: Molina NLCS homer vs. Bottomley’s 12 RBI game

Jim Bottomley, Yadier Molina

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs The second round of the Greatest Cardinals Moment bracket is underway, and if you're itching to vote, you came to the right place. This match up pits two winners from the Round of 64 from two vastly different eras, as the Molina v Bottomley battle is upon us. First, the

Greatest Cardinals Moment, Round of 32: Freese Triple v. McGee World Series homers

St. Louis Cardinals

It's time for round two breaking down the greatest moments in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals: David Freese vs. Willie McGee. #1 David Freese's game-tying triple in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series knocked off Mark McGwire's 500th career home run in the opening round with a convincing percentage

Greatest Cardinals Moment: Edmonds Game 6 homer vs. The Infield Fly Game

Cardinals, infield fly, Edmonds

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs The first round of the Greatest Cardinals Moment tournament is coming to a close, with this Tuesday's entries representing the final voting opportunities for round one in The Intrepid STL's Bing Devine region. Without further ado, let's send you to the first of this weeks match ups. #2 Edmonds walks

Greatest Cardinals Moment: #4 Molina NLCS HR vs. #13 Taveras homer in the rain

St. Louis Cardinals, Molina, Taveras

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs The latest match up in the Cardinals Greatest Moments bracket pits a classic NLCS Game 7 homer against an emotional home run for reasons that extend beyond baseball: Molina vs. Taveras. This one could be a tough decision for some, so let's get right into the two moments,

Greatest Cardinals Moment: #6 Tatis’ grand slams vs. #11 Wong’s NLCS walkoff

St. Louis Cardinals Kolten Wong

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs The next matchup at The Intrepid STL in the Cardinals Greatest Moment bracket features a magical postseason moment as an underdog 11-seed against a 6-seed representing a quirky baseball record that will probably never be broken. Let's take a look at the two moments: #6 Tatis goes grand twice