Sandy Alcantara’s 101.6 MPH fourseamer

Honestly, I am still not convinced Sandy Alcantara knows how to consistently locate his fastballs. Frankly, as a reliever, it doesn’t matter all that much. And for the indefinite future, ...
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Matt Bowman’s failed approach versus Jason Heyward

Matt Bowman has been manager Mike Matheny’s favorite relief pitcher in 2017. In fact, Bowman has been one of the most-used relievers by total appearances at 71. In a vacuum, ...
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Statcast introduces Outs Above Average; how do the Cardinals rank?

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs On Thursday, Statcast unveiled a new defensive metric: outs above average. Essentially, they use catch probability to determine the “expected” number of plays the average outfielder would ...
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Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez is getting picky

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs Last September, Jose Martinez‘s call-up to St. Louis didn’t feel like much more than a good story. After a decade long minor league career, he was considered ...
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An update on Michael Wacha’s changeup

Good Michael Wacha was on the mound Sunday, twirling eight shutout innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Following the 7-0 victory, coupled with a Cubs’ defeat, the Cardinals moved to within ...
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Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha is tipping his changeup, Part 2

Photo Credit: @cardinalsgifs As of this writing, the St. Louis Cardinals sit three games behind the Rockies and have a 21.3% chance of making the playoffs, according to FanGraphs. Three ...
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Michael Wacha is tipping his changeup

Somehow, some way, the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals — despite all of their obvious flaws — are contending for both the second wild card spot and the divisional crown. If they want ...
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