The Major League Baseball All-Star Game took place Tuesday night in Miami and many St. Louisans were at home watching the St. Louis Cardinals’ two representatives, Carlos Martinez and Yadier Molina perform with game’s greatest players. One of those watching was fellow Intrepid writer Joe Schwarz and he had an idea. If Carlos Martinez could hit 102 M.P.H., he would donate $100 to Martinez’s Tsunami Waves Foundation charity (more on that in a bit).

Joe’s original post gained some steam and several Cardinals fans took the pledge. Soon after, StlCardsCards, also on the Intrepid team, turned up the heat and made a common sense adjustment to Joe’s tweet:

Why did Joe choose 102 M.P.H., you might be asking? According to BrooksBaseball, Martinez’s peak velocity has been 102 on his fastball and he has reached that several times with the last time coming in June of 2016. If there was ever a time for Martinez to reach back and unload 102, Tuesday night was it.

Carlos Martinez entered the game in the third inning and tossed two scoreless innings while allowing one hit and one walk while striking out four. Unfortunately, he did not hit 102 M.P.H., but came really close. His fastest pitch of the evening was 100.7 to Mookie Betts.

Before we get to the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say, I want to take a minute and talk about the Tsunami Waves Foundation. Here, Carlos Martinez explains why he started the foundation. Here, Carlos explains a second mission for the foundation.

I personally have a second mission, and that is to give back to underprivileged kids. As you already may know, I was that kid with no glove and no spikes, but I had dreams of one day playing in the big leagues. Now that I’m capable of giving back, I’m totally involved in this cause. With my foundation, Tsunami Waves, I donate equipment on a yearly basis to underprivileged kids in my home town Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

You can learn more about the Tsunami Waves Foundation by visiting the website HERE

Carlos Martinez tossed two magnificent innings but did not hit the magic number of 102…. or did he…..

From that point on, Cardinals fans were sharing screenshots of their donations.

The Blogfather, Daniel Shoptaw of @C70, got into the giving spirit.

Tara Wellman of the Video Blog Bird Seeds also pitched in

Many others were sharing their contributions as well. I was going to take some time to add up the amount of those who shared their donation, but the Twitter feed for the Tsunami Waves Foundation sent out an updated total:

Awesome work, Cardinals fans.

If you would like to contribute to the Tsunami Waves Foundation you can click HERE.

Edit: As of 11 PM Central the total is over $3,000 and climbing!